Frozen Theory: The Real Reason Hans Is Evil

Welcome back to TheThings! In today’s video, we’ll be walking you through a “Frozen” theory that’s been confusing fans all over the globe. “Frozen” is a children’s Disney movie revolving around the adventures of sisters Anna and Elsa, the princesses of Arendelle. On their journey, they are joined by an animated snowman named Olaf, a reindeer named Sven, and his best friend Kristoff. The girls are definitely surrounded by some awesome friends throughout their adventure, but they’re also confronted by a trickster who’s determined to usurp the Arendelle throne. We know that “Frozen” fans are aware that Hans is one of the major antagonists of the film. However, we’ve found sufficient evidence that basically confirms that Hans wasn’t working alone. Be sure to subscribe to TheThings for more Disney fun. Once you’re done watching, give this video a big thumbs up and turn on those post notifications to make sure you’re always the first on the scene.

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