The Sad Reason Why Disney Characters Don’t Have Parents

Hey, Disney fans! Welcome back to TheThings. Today we’ll be exploring the world of Disney because their films bring us so much happiness. They’re feel-good stories with a lot of humor, amazing animation, and epic soundtracks. But pretty much all Disney movies have a dark side. And most of them have one very important thing in common; Most main characters have single parents! Sometimes, they’re even missing both their parents! For some particular reason, most Disney characters suffered great losses before becoming the heroes they were meant to be. Believe it or not, but the reason behind this has a lot to do with Walt Disney’s own personal tragic story. It seems like Moana, Aurora, Merida, Rapunzel, and Mulan might be the only Disney Princesses who still have their parents. We’re about to dive into the surprising reasons why most Disney characters grow up orphaned or with single parents. For more videos like this one, hit that subscribe button!

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