Signs Uma And Harry Will End Up Together In Descendants 3

Uma and Harry are madly in love, you guys! They have so much chemistry, it’s ridiculous. But their history started long before that pirate ship in “Descendants 2.” In fact, they’ve been flirting with each other in the books like crazy. Case in point, “Rise of the Isle of the Lost.” It features a few sly comments between Harry and Uma that prove just how into each other they really are. We’ll share the actual dialogue from the book in this video. Harry and Uma are definitely going to end up together in “D3.” We found more than one occasion in which Uma winks at Harry in “D2.” She also playfully touches him, stares at him and smiles at him several times during her song, “What’s My Name.” And Harry can’t take his eyes off of Uma! We’re breaking down all the signs that Uma and Harry will end up together in “Descendants 3.” Even Mal can’t come between these two. Check it out.

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