15 Jokes In Disney Movies Kids Didn’t Understand

One of the best things about Disney movies is that they are fun for the whole family! Disney makes their movies enjoyable for toddlers, kids, teens, and even adults! But what adults find funny isn’t necessarily what kids find funny! Disney never fails to sneak in some jokes that were specifically designed to make adults laugh out loud in the theater! These jokes probably went right over most kids’ heads. It was hard to pick just a few of the best bits of adult humor. We’ve found fifteen jokes that were definitely not meant for the young ones in the audience! From movies as recent as “Frozen” to films as old as “Bambi,” Disney has been pretty sneaky with their innuendoes. We found jokes in movies like “Cars” and “Hercules” that are totally inappropriate! You definitely missed these when you were little. We bet your parents didn’t miss the jokes, though! For more awesome videos about all things Disney, subscribe to TheThings!

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