10 Times Disney Stole Footage From Old Movies

Disney is known for writing and animating some of the greatest movies ever! But have you ever thought that some of those movies felt just a little too familiar? You’re not alone. Disney’s ideas aren’t always super original. On more than one occasion, it looks like Disney has just straight up stolen their ideas. Sometimes Disney copies from itself, like with “Robin Hood” and “Snow White.” Other times, they definitely take ideas from other movies. They did this with “Frozen” and “The Lion King.” And let’s not forget what happened when Pixar released “A Bug’s Life.” It was way too close to another movie about bugs! What other movies has Disney totally copied? You won’t believe how often it happens! We still love our Disney movies, despite them having copycat tendencies. Are you the world’s biggest Disney fan? If you want more great videos just like this one, hit that red button and subscribe to TheThings!

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