10 Things Only True Fans Have Noticed About Descendants 3

Disney is getting us ready for “Descendants 3” by releasing trailers, music videos, and sneak peeks packed with “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” clues about what to expect. We’ve picked out 10 things only true fans will have noticed in the trailers that revolve around Uma, Hades, Mal, and Celia Facilier. They provide insider information on the franchise’s third installment. There are plenty of clues in Celia Facilier’s newest trailer, from Freddie Facilier’s beauty influence on her to Dizzy Tremaine’s new Princess fashion icon. Check out the intriguing appearances of Squeaky and Squirmy and possibly even their Dad, Smee. Find out what King Ben and the four main VKs have hidden in the Auradon application form. The “D3” trailers are totally wicked and jam-packed to the brim with telling clues. After you’ve watched our video, be sure to tell us which of these things you spotted, and which one flew right over your head. Please subscribe to TheThings for more great “Descendants” videos like this one!

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