10 Things The Secret Life Of Pets 2 Got Right

“The Secret Life of Pets 2” is filled with lots of totally bizarre animal behavior. In the “Secret Life of Pets” franchise, animals can apparently communicate with each other, have parties, create intricate plans, operate machinery, and much more. But, some scenes are so far-fetched they might as well be plot holes. To be fair, anyone would be right to question the factuality of the franchise. We certainly did. But then we did some investigating and discovered something surprising; The weird things in these pet movies actually make total sense. Not only were these strange things possible, but they have also proven to be accurate, according to science. If you thought animals couldn’t drive cars, make plans, watch TV, and form unlikely friendships, you’re in for a real treat. And we’ve got the proof to back it all up. Watch until the end to find out a surprising fact about pets that totally blew our minds.

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