The Real Reason Why Ken Isn’t In Toy Story 4

We are super excited to see all of our favorite toys in “Toy Story 4.” Some of them have been with us since the very first movie. But each “Toy Story” movie gives us brand-new, awesome characters. “Toy Story 3” was no exception. We got to mee Trixie, Mr. Pricklepants, Big Baby, and more. And who can forget the man of Barbie’s dreams? Ken was an important character in the third movie. But he is not coming back for the fourth film! The directors have confirmed that Ken is back at Sunnyside Day Care. But Barbie is in the new movie! What happened to these two love birds? Why didn’t Ken stay with the love of his life and all his new friends? Check out the real reason that Ken isn’t in “Toy Story 4” in this new video from TheThings. For more awesome videos just like this one, hit that subscribe button!

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