Frozen 2: Signs The Real Villain Is…

Hey there Disney fans and welcome back to TheThings. If you love “Frozen” as much as we do, you’ve probably watched the newest trailer a dozen times already. Well, you aren’t the only one! We’re on a mission to discover the truth about the mysterious pink flames that keep popping up in the “Frozen 2” trailers. Thanks to Grand Pabbie, we now know that the gang is headed North and that they have to pass through the Enchanted Lands before reaching their destination. Problem is, the Enchanted Lands don’t sound super safe. In fact, we’re almost convinced that a handful of villains are lurking in the shadows and waiting to pounce. Why else would Anna grab hold of Kristoff’s sword and swing it at something behind them? We’ve got plenty of theories on who the new villains of the story might be. Will Hans make an unexpected appearance? Or is there someone much more powerful than him waiting for our heroes at the end of the road?

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